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Wednesday May 29th Matheus Prado Septet  8.30pm

Wednesday May 29th Matheus Prado Septet 8.30pm


Seven musicians from five nationalities connecting modern and traditional music, this is the Matheus Prado Septet.


Quantity:  at  £12.50  each

Matheus Prado was born in Brazil and with nine years old he started playing piano.

After his family moved to Europe, he learnt other instruments, but one of them touched him in a different way, the Bass.

He had one of the best electric bass players as a first tutor, Fernando Lamadrid. After few months studying with Fernando, Matheus started gigging with local bands.

A year after playing electric bass, Matheus started going to jazz concerts and the sound of the double fascinated him. He spent all his savings in double bass, student model. In order to improve his technique and knowledge of the instrument he took lessons with all the double bass players in Seville, and also traveled to other cities to meet other bass players.

Matheus played with many artists in important festivals, such as Brecon Jazz Festival (UK), Autumn in Green (Spain), Jazz Minde (Portugal), Gibraleon International Jazz Festival (Spain), Don Benito Blues Festival (Spain), FIMEC (Spain), …

Matheus Prado Website

ADULT FULL - £12.50

JAZZLAND MEMBER 2019 - £10, 






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